Judge Dismisses Glenn Danzig's Misfits Lawsuit

Judge Dismisses Glenn Danzig's Misfits Lawsuit
Earlier this year, former Misfits frontman and general rock god Glenn Danzig filed a lawsuit against his former group, specifically Jerry Only, over royalties from the band's absurdly deep well of Misfits merchandising. Now, however, a judge has thrown out the case.

As Re-Tox reports (with the admittedly ridiculous headline "Glenn Danzig Bitch Slapped by Judge: No Hot Topic Money For You!"), a judge has thrown the lawsuit out of court.

Danzig had originally alleged that Only violated a contract that the two signed in 1994, further claiming that Only's use of the band's logo cost him an additional $75,000 in damages.

A judge ruled that Danzig "failed to state a claim on which a relief may be granted" and "failed to allege which terms of the 1994 agreement Only actually breached."

Unfortunately for Danzig, this means that the rocker will receive zero compensation from the lawsuit.