Juana Molina

"Eras" (video)

BY Alex HudsonPublished Nov 1, 2013

Argentina's Juana Molina writes slightly strange music, so it's only fitting that she release a music video that's similarly unique. She's just shared a clip for "Eras," the opening cut from her album, Wed 21.

The video for this quirkily electronic pop-rock tune stars a fictional creature called the Bichapong, who lives in a grand old house. The shadowy figure concosts potions for guests of a dinner party at the house, who stagger around expressionlessly as if they have been hypnotized and perform a synchronized dance routine.

The clip was directed by Mario Caporali. The Bichapong first appeared on the album cover of Wed 21, which was designed by Alejandro Ros.

The album is out via Crammed Discs.

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