Josh Homme Weighs In on Kyuss Reunion

Josh Homme Weighs In on Kyuss Reunion
With the flurry of Queens of the Stone Age-related news that's come in recent weeks (see here, here and here), it's easy to forgot about the recently announced Kyuss reunion tour and upcoming album sessions. When the Kyuss news broke late last year, Homme was conspicuously absent from the lineup, and he's said little since to indicate whether or not he thinks it's still the bad idea he thought it was back in 2007.

But now that the reunion is on and shows are booked, Homme has taken a more casual and conciliatory approach to his old band revamping. He was asked to join, but simply said no.

"I just love what it was, and what it was isn't what it is," Homme tells Exclaim! "I respect it so much and but I don't want to go back there. I just want to keep going forward. I think it's awesome that they're doing that and I was blown away, like, their shows sold out immediately."

Homme added that in a perfect world he would like to go catch the new Kyuss Lives! shows, but in the end, he can't bring himself to do it. "I wouldn't go because I don't want the pressure of someone seeing me and saying, 'Go up there.' It would make me want to go 'Fuck you,' which is not what I want to say, but I'm stoked that they're doing it."

And that's about as good a vote of confidence as the other founding members of Kyuss could ask for.

The Kyuss Lives! tour begin later this week in Europe. Unfortunately for Canadian and American fans, so far no shows are book for North America. But if you're across that pond, you can see the complete schedule here

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