Jose Canseco Approves of the Lonely Island's New Jose Canseco-Themed Rap Special

He also shared his manager's phone number for some reason

BY Josiah HughesPublished May 23, 2019

The Lonely Island were recently teasing the arrival of a "visual poem" on Netflix, and now that it's out, we know it's a bizarre album and comedy special called The Unauthorized Bash Brothers ExperienceThe weird special sees Andy Samberg plays Jose Canseco, while Akiva Schaffer plays Mark McGwire. So far, we know that Canseco approves.

The baseball legend — who is more recently known for his incredibly bizarre Twitter page — reached out to the Lonely Island to explain that he absolutely approves of their new special. Strangely, he also publicly published his manager's phone number.
Hopefully, Morgan changed their number by now, because the tweet has got plenty of attention. Either way, the Lonely Island were moved by Canseco's message:
The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience is now on Netflix. You can also listen to its accompanying album below, which features Sia, HAIM and Maya Rudolph.


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