Joni Mitchell Reveals She Killed Biopic Starring Taylor Swift

Joni Mitchell Reveals She Killed Biopic Starring Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift may have scored the fastest-selling album in more than a decade with 1989, but evidently Canadian folk great Joni Mitchell doesn't think too highly of the pop-country crossover star. This much became clear in a new interview in which the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer revealed that she blocked a planned biopic that was set to star Swift as Mitchell.

Back in 2012, reports emerged that Swift would be playing the role in an adaptation of Sheila Weller's 2009 book Girls Like Us, which examined the importance of Mitchell, Carole King and Carly Simon. But now speaking with the Sunday Times [via NME], Mitchell revealed that it was her who put the brakes on the project.

She said, "I squelched that! I said to the producer, 'All you've got is a girl with high cheekbones'. It's just a lot of gossip, you don't have the great scenes."

She added, "There's a lot of nonsense about me in books. Assumptions, assumptions, assum­p­tions."

We're not entirely sure if her objection is that the movie's source material was inaccurate, or that she considers Swift nothing more than "a girl with high cheekbones." Either way, Swift can take solace by reminding herself that haters gonna hate — even if said hater is one of the most iconic singer-songwriters ever.

Below, watch an interview in which Swift talks about how her favourite album ever is Mitchell's Blue.

Mitchell recently released Love Has Many Faces: A Quartet, A Ballet, Waiting to Be Danced, a box-set compilation of her love songs.