Johnny Marr Announces 'Playland' LP

Johnny Marr Announces 'Playland' LP
Though he faced a setback when he broke his hand earlier this year, guitarist Johnny Marr has still managed to complete his promised sophomore solo album.

The album, a follow-up to last year's The Messenger, is now complete. It's called Playland and was recorded in London at Tritone Studios.

"It was deliberate to work in London," Marr told NME. "Where you work definitely affects how it sounds and seeps into the music, and I've developed a really good feeling for London in the past couple of years, I like the frenetic atmosphere."

Marr produced the album alongside his bandmate Doviak. The two previously worked on The Messenger together.

The guitarist also explained that the album's title is inspired by Homo Ludens, a book from Dutch historian and theorist Johan Huizinga.

"The album's main themes are the atmosphere of the city, and the preoccupations of the people who live in them; those preoccupations being consumerism, sex and anxiety, or distraction and transcendence from those things," Marr added.

Playland is expected to arrive on October 6 via Warner Bros. Records. Information on the album's North American release is not yet available.

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1. Back In The Box
2. Easy Money
3. Dynamo
4. Candidate
5. 25 Hours
6. The Trap
7. Playland
8. Speak Out Reach Out
9. Boys Get Straight
10. This Tension
11. Little King