Johnny Jewel "Prayer to St. Therese" (ft. Chloë Sevigny)

Johnny Jewel 'Prayer to St. Therese' (ft. Chloë Sevigny)
Johnny Jewel has served up plenty of aural bouquets in his time as a member of bands like Glass Candy, Chromatics and Desire. Now, he's teamed up with actress Chloë Sevigny for a commissioned piece of music for L.A. perfume company Régime des Fleurs. Their "Prayer to St. Therese" is streaming now.

The track is intended to score a Régime event this Sunday (February 14), as part of New York Fashion Week. It features an aromatic cloud of midnight cigarette synths, which simmer beneath a poem read by Sevigny. Throughout, she whispers about picking full-bloom flowers from the gardens of paradise, or longing to be anointed with a shower of lilacs, jasmine, and hyacinth.

You'll find a stream of "Prayer to St. Therese" below, while the full composition will be revealed at the Régime des Fleurs event this weekend.