Johnny Cash Painting on Water Tower Springs a Leak After Being Shot, Appears to Be Pissing

That's a different type of cashflow
Johnny Cash Painting on Water Tower Springs a Leak After Being Shot, Appears to Be Pissing
Photo via FOX 16 KLRT
Johnny Cash's musical legacy is undeniably larger-than-life and his birthplace commemorated him accordingly: his looming figure towers over the residents of Kingsland, AR, but it has recently also started to (golden) shower over them.

The 500-some population town payed homage to the country icon by painting his silhouette on their water tower, which holds 50,000 gallons of water. It has been losing a steady stream since last Tuesday (May 10), thanks to a bullet penetrating the side of the tank squarely in the the crotch — a "very sensitive area," as the local interviewed by FOX 16 News put it — of Cash's likeness. Talk about hurt.

UPDATE (5/18 1:10 p.m. ET): According to Chief Deputy at Cleveland County Sheriff's Department Gary Young [via TMZ]an investigation has led to the arrest of Timothy Sled, who they believe to be responsible for shooting the water tower. Sled has received with two felony charges: one for impairing the operation of a vital public utility, and another for criminal mischief. There is reportedly still the possibility of a second person being arrested for their involvement, making it something of a pissing contest.

Apparently the bullet hole in the vessel is actually causing significant, unfunny problems: according to mayor Luke Neal, the tower is losing about $200 USD in water per day and affecting both water pressure and colour in people's homes. Taken along with the repair job being estimated at around $5,000, Kingsland is being forced to walk the line of their budget. (Perhaps they could try bringing in Tool to designate the city limits as a "no pee zone"?) However, tourist activity has increased in the past week, with loads of Highwaymen eager to witness a very American music legend piss on his roots.

The local sheriff's office reportedly has a few leads on potential suspects and are waiting on when the man comes around. Whoever the delightfully immature vandal with perfect aim is, they could be facing a felony charge for taking the piss because the Cash-flow has tampered with vital city operations.

Watch the news clip below to see the the leak in action, if you're into that sort of thing.