John Williams' 'Home Alone' Score Gets Deluxe Vinyl Release via Mondo

John Williams' 'Home Alone' Score Gets Deluxe Vinyl Release via Mondo
Get ready to slap your faces in excitement, you filthy animals, as soundtrack mecca Mondo has just unveiled details on the 25th anniversary edition of John Williams' score to Christmastime classic, Home Alone. Lest you're looking to pull a wet bandit-style heist at the company's headquarters in Austin, you can order the set with the rest of us later this week.

A press release from the soundtrack hub explains that a double-LP edition of Williams' score for the 1990 film goes on sale Wednesday (December 16), while the records are expected to ship sometime in the middle of January.

The 19-track collection houses many cues from Williams (Star Wars, Superman), taken from airport scenes and bandit-smashing pranks pulled during the great McCallister family disaster of 1990. There are, however, a few extra seasonal songs making their way into the tracklisting. This includes cuts from Southside Johnny Lyon, Mel Torme, and the Drifters' version of "White Christmas."

Vinyl variants will be offered up on translucent "red & green ornament"-coloured vinyl and "cheese pizza"-tinted wax.

As for the artwork, Mondo tapped Andrew Kolb to deliver illustrations of the McCallister household. That's the front cover up above, while you'll find the inner gatefold schematic of Kevin's booby trap-heavy stomping grounds down below.

Home Alone - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack:

1. Home Alone Main Title ("Somewhere in My Memory")
2. Holiday Flight
3. The House
4. Star of Bethlehem (Orchestral Version)
5. Man of the House
6. The Drifters - "White Christmas"
7. Scammed by a Kindergartner
8. Southside Johnny Lyon - "Please Come Home for Christmas"
9. Follow That Kid!
10. Making the Plane
11. O Holy Night
12. Carol of the Bells
13. Star of Bethlehem
14. Setting the Trap
15. Somewhere in My Memory
16. The Attack on the Home
17. Mom Returns and Finale
18. Mel Torme - "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"
19. We Wish You a Merry Christmas/End Title