John Frusciante's Barber Simply Won't Stop Leaking Info About Red Hot Chili Peppers' New Album

Get ready for some "old-school Peppers," according to the stylist

Photo via @shampoolio on Instagram

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jun 2, 2021

The world of Red Hot Chili Peppers is currently abuzz with rumours, as drummer Chad Smith has reportedly been telling fans that their new album is done. Now, more reports about the completed album are being spread by an unlikely source: guitarist John Frusciante's barber.

The haircutter's name is, we kid you not, "Shampoolio" (a.k.a. Julio Romano). In the past few days, he's posted a couple photos of himself with Frusciante (whose long hair, it must be said, looks especially lustrous and fashionable).

Naturally, fans quickly dove into the comments section, pressing Shampoolio with questions about what the Chili Peppers are working on. But rather than rebuff the fans, he's been answering them with almost shocking levels of specificity.

For example, when @breadman_braeden asked if the album would be out this summer, the stylist responded, "that's the plan." He echoed that sentiment to @tylerarmentrout_, saying, "should be out in summer."

When @elfimovmax asked if it sounded more like RHCP's funk-rap material from the '80s-'90s or their more melodic style in the 2000s, he responded, "a mix of both heavy with melodic undertones." He also got into it in the DMs; Reddit user Klingasms shared a screenshot of a private conversation with Shampoolio in which the hairdresser said, "They just finished it it's gonna be old school peppers."

Shampoolio even got into a little gear talk: when asked if Frusciante was using his 1962 Fender Stratocaster, he responded "pretty sure that's the one." He also added that both he and Frusciante are fully vaccinated, and that Frusciante has quit smoking.

For anyone wondering why Frusciante would give so much classified information to his barber, Shampoolio wrote that he has cut the guitarist's hair "a few times and established trust and friendship w hom [sic]." They've apparently known each other since the '90s. One can't help but wonder if Frusciante is going to be a little more tight-lipped next time he's in the barber's chair, however.

For all these tidbits and more, dig through the comments in the Instagram posts below.


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