Jody Glenham's Emotionally Complex 'Mood Rock' Offers Exactly What the Title Promises

BY Sarah ChodosPublished Aug 6, 2020

Jody Glenham's latest album, Mood Rock, has a perfectly fitting title, with a moody pop sound — like a pink plastic glittery mood ring. With deeply personal themes, this unlikely mélange of musical styles feels like a strange party.

The opening track, "Barely Alive," begins with gentle vocals and a simple melody until an almost industrial drumbeat is introduced. The single, "Talking Out Loud," is more pop-friendly, albeit in a dark vein; the video is composed of blue and purple trippy images that convey the sound of the music.

The final track, "Fuckers," is slow and piercing with a simple melody and an atonal, buzzing string sound in the background.

The album's styles are tied together by an orchestral level of arrangement, combining digital and analogue and, most importantly, blending simple loveliness with unsettling complexity. Glenham's voice is rich and pretty, with misty harmonies rising in the background.

What gives it depth is the personal and inherently collaborative nature of the music. The party has been going on for some time. Inhibitions are lowered and truth is laid bare. The feeling is of a random after-hours gathering that runs until sunlight and serves coffee and whiskey with a side of psychedelic-infused bubblegum; emotions will be put to the test and fun will be had.

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