Joanna Newsom Tribute Album Available Now

Joanna Newsom Tribute Album Available Now
A couple of weeks back, we told you about Versions of Joanna, a massive collection celebrating indie harpist Joanna Newsom. While the information we had at the time was arranged alphabetically by song title, which rang odd considering songs like "On a Good Day" were doubled up, a new press release presents the tracklisting proper, as well as all those other pertinent release details.

In fact, Versions of Joanna is being released today (December 7). It currently only exists as a download by donation, but the press release hints that it could be released in the physical medium at some point.

If you think it's too soon for artists like Billy Bragg to be covering cuts off Newsom's 2010 disc Have One On Me, lighten up. The tribute album is a charitable project donating funds to Oxfam's flood relief effort in Pakistan.

"Oxfam America is thrilled to have such an excellent collection of music compiled to help our work in Pakistan," said Bob Ferguson, Oxfam's senior advisor for music outreach via a press release. "And to have the support of these artists, Drag City Records, and Joanna Newsom herself, makes the project all the more meaningful. We often say that 'Oxfam believes music can change the world.' This album is proof of that."

You can purchase the album and make a donation here.

Versions of Joanna

1. Billy Bragg: "On a Good Day"
2. Josh Mann: "Bridges & Balloons"
3. M. Ward: "Sadie"
4. Ian Cooke: "Monkey & Bear"
5. The Moscow Coup Attempt: "Sprout and the Bean"
6. Owen Pallett: "Peach, Plum, Pear"
7. Joel Cathey: "Book of Right-On"
8. Melissa Stylianou: "Swansea"
9. Ben Sollee: "Sawdust & Diamonds" 10. Chris Leeds: "Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie"
11. This Is Deer Country: "Easy"
12. Francesco Santocono: "'81"
13. Guy Buttery: "Book of Right-On" (instrumental)
14. Ian Cooke: "Colleen"
15. Jennifer Schmitt: "This Side of the Blue"
16. Rosa Hinksman: "In California"
17. A Voice Heard on Baer Mountain: "Autumn"
18. White Elephant Gift Exchange: "Inflammatory Writ"
19. David Miele: "Soft as Chalk"
20. Sandhorse: "Flying a Kite"
21. Sarah Katheryn: "Baby Birch"
22. Kristina Forrer: "On a Good Day"