Jive Kings with Measha Brüggergosman Jive Kings with Measha Brüggergosman

Maritimer festival faves the Jive Kings have apparently been cutting quite a swath of success since their 1999 inception. Winning two consecutive East Coast Music Awards for jazz in 2000 and 2001, the Kings' second album does quite a bit to cement their solid following, bringing swing, big band, Dixie and a touch of Latin to the table. Included on five tracks is the 23-year old Measha Brüggergosman, whose rich, evocative vocals add real depth and substance to traditional arrangements ("Summertime," "Big Spender," "A-Tisket, A-Tasket"). On their way to becoming the country's hottest horn-driven jazz act, the Jive Kings are wise enough to include the new with the old. Besides eight originals, Tom Waits's "Telephone Call From Istanbul" is also ably covered. (Independent)