Jimmy Tamborello Sheds Light on Postal Service's Aborted Second Album

Jimmy Tamborello Sheds Light on Postal Service's Aborted Second Album
Just when it seemed as if the Postal Service were destined to be a done deal, Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello revealed that Sub Pop would be reuniting for a series of tour dates and reissuing their now-classic 2003 LP, Give Up. Despite rumours, the duo always remained coy about the possibility of a second LP, and yet, as Tamborello recently revealed, one started to come together in 2006.

Reissue bonus tracks "A Tattered Line of String" and "Turn Around," it turns out, are leftover tracks from the duo's 2006 attempt to follow up their debut.

"They're both from around 2006, maybe 2007," explains Tamborello to Exclaim! "The files were dated 2006, but we might not have finished them then. They were from a phase where we were trying to get a record together, but we didn't get very far. Those two songs got the closest to being finished."

It was just a year or so later that Gibbard would comment that "The second Postal Service album is threatening to become the Chinese Democracy of indie rock," and that "It will come out eventually, or maybe it won't."

The duo will surely break out the unreleased tracks during their recently announced arena tour, which presents a challenge to the album's intimate sound. "The last time we toured," Tamborello says, "we played pretty small venues, and it still had a bit of a rag-tag, garage band feel to it."

Still, don't expect any funny business: "For this tour, we're trying to keep the songs pretty true to the originals. We haven't changed any of them into big trance anthems or put big dubstep breaks into any of them. We just want to play them how people remember them and then deal with the bigger venue settings [by using] bigger lights and stuff. We want to keep the music the same."

As previously reported, the Give Up reissue will be released April 9 via Sub Pop, and you can see all their upcoming tour dates here.