Jimi Hendrix Axis: Bolder Than Love

Sometimes cover art is deceiving. Sometimes it’s a stronger caveat than a slap in the face. Citing the "overlooked brilliance” of Hendrix’s well (as in, overly) documented sophomore release from late 1967 as reason for this umpteenth re-release, Axis: Bolder Than Love continues to rape the vaults of the indomitable guitar master. Comprised of two CDs, the first leaves the original Axis intact but unremarkably untouched. That said, it also leaves no reason to bother other than the horrifically retouched hands-on-hips cover shot and the real push here, disc two: a complete live Paris concert from early 1968 that any historian has already seen, heard and bought the t-shirt for. An obvious set list featuring the predictable ("Killing Floor,” "Fire,” "Purple Haze”) and the mildly amusing albeit lackadaisical ("Catfish Blues,” "Drivin’ South”), none of this sparks serious degrees of interest or frenzy. No, just more sadness for a tomb that’s wide open yet deserving of the final nail in the coffin. (No-fi)