Jet Get Born

If I were to take a piece of shit, wrap it in silver foil and aggressively market it as the most delectable candy bar on earth, would you buy it? What if the NME wrote a feature on this bar each week? For a year? The analogy’s not really fair since Jet aren’t shit, they’re actually quite good, just drastically over-hyped and entirely derivative. Like all other Aussie newcomers their material makes you think the continent just got its first whiff of Mick and Keef within the last three years, but there’s a reason why bands still kick out good ol’ fashioned rock and/or roll — because it gets in your guts, naughty bits and feet and makes you want to get tanked out of your gourd. So crank up "Are You Gonna Be My Girl,” "Rollover D.J.” and err, "Take It Or Leave It,” chop up some rails and grab a case of Fosters. Sure you’ve heard the tunes before, but if you’ve bought the disc, I imagine that’s one of the reasons why. (Elektra)