Jet Singer Taken to Hospital After Collapsing Twice Onstage

Jet Singer Taken to Hospital After Collapsing Twice Onstage
Aussie rockers Jet were forced to cut their show short in the UK last night (August 11) after front-man Nic Cester collapsed twice onstage and was eventually taken to a London hospital.

The band took the stage at about 8 p.m., the Independent reports, but midway through their second song, new Jet single "She's a Genius," Cester passed out.

The remaining members apparently finished the track while their singer was laid out on the stage. Cester then reportedly picked himself back up and joked about coming down with swine flu, only to quickly faint a second time. The rest of the band played three more tracks minus their singer before stopping the show.

Cester had been ill all day, according to the Independent, and was in fact tested for the H1N1 virus. However, after receiving an injection to calm his stomach, he was deemed fit enough to take the stage.

Jet band-mate Mark Wilson told the newspaper that it hadn't even crossed the group's mind to call off the show, saying all members "had a moment where they've been chronically ill and had to go on stage. The only time we've ever cancelled shows is when Nic's throat swelled up and he couldn't actually make any sounds."

Following yesterday's incident, Cester was forced to spend the night at London's University College Hospital, where he was treated for symptoms of gastroenteritis, acute vomiting and dehydration.

Jet are in the midst of a UK tour in support of their latest record, Shaka Rock, which comes out in North America on August 25. Their next show is Wednesday (August 12) in London.