Jesus Lizard Reunion Over, Duane Denison Says

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Jun 29, 2012

Chicago noise rock vets the Jesus Lizard managed to play some reunion shows a few years back, with the trips celebrating a round of reissues, but aside from an upcoming coffee table book called Book, don't expect any new material coming our way. Guitarist Duane Denison has confirmed the short-lived get-together is officially over.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, the post-punk six-stringer explained that he had attempted to get a new Jesus Lizard album going, considering the band still had that chaotic magic. It would have been the first new full-length from the group since 1998's Blue.

"That reunion tour went so well -- we kept it brief, and we didn't extend it -- that it just seemed natural to some of us to just go, 'Well, let's do an album. We all can still play, we get along, let's do it,'" Denison said.

Despite his enthusiasm, "certain members" balked at the idea, fearing the worst of the clichéd reunion album. "Well, it's a cliché only if you make it a cliché and you put out a shitty album," he countered.

The performer went on to say that the band were offered more reunion shows in 2011, but Denison presented an ultimatum that ultimately proved fruitless. "'I'll do it if we play some new songs. You know, let's make a deal here,'" he explained. "Nothing. No. That killed that."

Fed up with tackling the band as a nostalgia project, Denison took his tunes and decided to work on music elsewhere, though he maintains there's no hard feelings.

"The reunion went so well, but personally I am tired of playing those songs and I don't wanna play them anymore … I'd be perfectly fine with, 'Let's leave it at that, leave it on a good note, we're all still friends.'"

As reported yesterday (June 28), Denison's Tomahawk project has been resuscitated, and the group will be delivering their Oddfellows LP in January.

As for the Jesus Lizard's Book, which packages exclusive art, photography and written material from the band, Steve Albini, Nirvana's Krist Novoselic and more, it arrives at retailers August 7 through Akashic books.

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