Jesse Malin Paralyzed from Waist Down Following Spinal Stroke

Photo: Gsstoll

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jun 15, 2023

Jesse Malin, a singer-songwriter once known for fronting the glam punk band D Generation, is paralyzed from the waist down after suffering a spinal stroke. 

Friends, as well as Malin's manager David Bason, have launched a fundraising campaign to help cover medical bills.

Malin, who is 56, suffered the spinal stroke on May 4, when he was sitting in a Manhattan restaurant and suddenly experienced burning pain in his lower back, which spread down his legs. He fell to the floor and wasn't able to stand. He told Rolling Stone, "Everybody was standing above me like in Rosemary's Baby, saying all these different things, and I was there not knowing what was going on with my body."

Doctors reportedly don't know why he experienced the spinal stroke, or what his chances are of recovery. He's still in hospital, doing three physical therapy sessions per day, and he will be discharged later this month.

"This is the hardest six weeks that I've ever had," he said. "I'm told that they don't really understand it, and they're not sure of the chances. The reports from the doctors have been tough, and there's moments in the day where you want to cry, and where you're scared. But I keep saying to myself that I can make this happen. I can recover my body."

Malin reissued his 2003 album The Fine Art of Self Destruction earlier this year for its 20th anniversary. He had planned to tour the album, but he cancelled the dates due to his medical issues.

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