Jen Kirkman The Wiggle Room, Montreal QC, July 21

Jen Kirkman The Wiggle Room, Montreal QC, July 21
Drawing from her recent Netflix comedy special I'm Going to Die Alone (And I Feel Fine), as well as weaving in some great new material, Jen Kirkman's quick-fire delivery immediately had the audience in stitches.
Wearing a T-shirt that read "Ask Me About My Radical Feminist Agenda," Kirkman's set was a sharp take on the life of a 30-something woman today, peppered with hilarious anecdotes and observations on family, dating, and her annoying married friends.
As the title of the show suggests, a good part of the set focused on her single lifestyle, including jokes about being a cougar, and her acceptance of the fact that she might die and be eaten by a cat. "I don't own one, but when a single lady dies, a cat appears." Reflecting on her choice not to have children, one of the biggest laughs of the night followed her insistence that she doesn't understand the language of parenting. When a friend told her that she "put Andy down last night," Kirkman offered her condolences and told her that she wouldn't judge what must have been a difficult decision.
She ended the set with a hilarious bit about being in favour of people marrying their pets, and her excitement about the prospect of one day attending her friend's wedding to her tuxedo cat Mr. Mittens, mainly to see if the cat would wear another tuxedo over his fur tuxedo. ("Of course he does!")
Kirkman had to cancel an earlier show due to illness, but you would never have known it tonight. She worked the stage hard and kept the crowd cracking up from start to finish.