Jefre Cantu-Ledesma Returns with 'On the Echoing Green'

Get a taste of the album with "A Song of Summer"
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma Returns with 'On the Echoing Green'
Following up his 2014 LP A Year with 13 Moons, sonic architect Jefre Cantu-Ledesma has announced his second full-length effort for Mexican Summer. Titled On the Echoing Green, the latest from the multi-instrumentalist will arrive on June 16.

Nine tracks in length, On the Echoing Green is described by Cantu-Ledesma as a record that "feels like spring — things coming alive, blooming, emerging from winter." The record features "rapturous and richly melodic slow dives of swirling guitar, bass, synthesizer, piano, and drum machines," accented by vocals from Argentinian singer-songwriter Sobrenadar.

A press release notes that the record was conceived as an experiment in clarity and collaboration. "I was interested in trying to bring out more overt pop elements, to let them come to the front and be present," Cantu-Ledesma explained. "I also have more trust now in letting things happen — trusting other people's musicianship, and being open to people's ideas. Eventually, things emerge."

Read through the tracklist to hear "A Song of Summer" in the player below.

On the Echoing Green:

1. In A Copse
2. A Song Of Summer
3. Echoing Green
4. The Faun
5. Tenderness
6. Vulgar Latin
7. Autumn
8. Dancers At The Spring
9. Door To Night