Jefferson Airplane Fly Jefferson Airplane

Let's get one thing straight: Jefferson Airplane is the most overrated of all the mediocre jam-bands that blossomed from San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury scene. Granted, their one truly great song, "White Rabbit," is the greatest pro-drug anthem of all time, and "Volunteers," "Crown of Creation" and "Lather" are all nice stabs at confronting some major issues of the day, but for the most part, Jefferson Airplane played boring, jammed-out songs that were heavy on self-indulgence and light on clear-minded substance. Fly displays all of this in a VH1 Biography-style recounting the first six years surrounding the band that would be Starship. For nearly two hours viewers are subjected to current-day interviews of the band boasting about how they were hip to virtually everything before anyone else, interspersed with TV performance footage that's heavy on the low budget "trippy" effects. But man, was Grace Slick sexy back in the day. (Eagle Vision/EMI)