Jedi Mind Tricks Visions of Gandhi

For their third full-length, Jedi Mind Tricks are poised to take their music to the masses. Much of it hinges on their 2002 single “Animal Rap” which features Kool G Rap, the godfather of thug, and made it to number 43 on Billboard Magazine’s Hot 100. But, there are also appearances by some of the rawest names in the rap underground: Canibus, Ras Kass, Percee-P, and Non-Phixion. Although his rhymes are occasionally silly, Vinnie Paz (previously Ikon the Verbal Hologram) holds his own against each of these guests, as well as the numerous others who are featured. His partner, producer Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind, has laced some of their beats with a Latin flavour that should give it a wider appeal (“Nadia Cambia” and “Rise of the Machines”), while other beats are filled with symphonic sounds to create a darker street vibe (“Tibetan Black Magicians” and “Kublai Khan”). There’s even a few that get pretty cartoony: “A Storm of Swords,” “Walk With Me” and “Blood in Blood Out.” And after supplying Canibus with some production for his most recent album, more people may be searching for other examples of his work. JMT also paid attention to the sound quality, recording this album in a true studio as well as enlisting the help of engineer Chris Conway who has worked with Big Pun and Eminem. Visions of Gandhi is likely to enter the lower depths of mainstream hip-hop. (Babygrande)