Jay Electronica "The Curse of Mayweather"

Jay Electronica 'The Curse of Mayweather'
Though the arrival of Jay Electronica's much-delayed album could be in the cards at some point in the future, the rapper has come out swinging with a new loosie for the fans. Landing like a mean left hook, his "The Curse of Mayweather" is streaming now.

The song starts off with a riled-up and motivated melody, a hard-cracked beat, and a verbal nod to A Tribe Called Quest before Electronica bashes out some original bars.

Above a schoolyard swell of chanting children, the rapper reports on his destiny and his "globally known" flow, and uses a helium-sucking, Kendrick-style voiceover to weigh in on critics that don't consider Jay Electronica a contender.

Bluntly, his message is a mighty "fuck those white people."

To put a twist on the hook, if you're willing to let Jay Electronica drop a bomb on your ass, do press play on the player below.