Jaww Lifetimebomb

Toronto, Ontario's Jaww have made an album that very well may be the missing link between Entombed's To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak The Truth and Same Difference. Vocalist Doug McLarty mines the same vocal territory as L-G Petrov, complete with the same growl/screamed/sung delivery. The buzz-saw guitar/bass sound rumbles along in fine killing form, and Jaww drummer Sean Verabioff is so good Entombed should have turned to him when Nicke Andersson was seduced by the cock-rock fame and fortune of the Hellacoptors. While recent Entombed releases have been lacklustre, Lifetimebomb is relentless in combining all the elements of Entombed's best death-rock releases and then pushing it even further. The playing is excellent, the songs are brutal and catchy, and the production is raw yet clear. Characteristics best-exemplified on the opener "Upheaval/Lifetimebomb," "Vanishing Point" and the slow, brooding, Danzig-influenced "Knowing Victim." While Jaww's sound isn't overly original, the fact that they do it amazingly well (and Entombed doesn't anymore) should be more than enough to overcome any doppelganger accusations. (Independent)