Jawbreaker Announce Unfun Reissue, Documentary

Jawbreaker Announce <i>Unfun</i> Reissue, Documentary
Before punk was all over MTV, one of its finest torchbearers were San Francisco’s Jawbreaker, who combined catchy punk rock with verbose, melancholy lyrics. When the band disbanded in 1996, members moved on to other acts, notably Jets to Brazil, J Church and Horace Pinker.

Fans of Jawbreaker will rejoice in knowing there is currently some activity with the original line-up. According to a bulletin from the band’s MySpace page, there are talks of a deluxe reissue of their seminal Unfun album, as well as some more progress on the Jawbreaker documentary.

The Unfun reissue will initially be available from the U.S. chain Hot Topic, typically known for selling Underoath and Johnny Depp T-shirts. Of this decision, bassist Adam Pfahler gave an explanation:

Hot Topic? you ask. I said it. They have been incredibly supportive these past few years, stocking our records and shirts in all of their stores. Jawbreaker swag doesn't make it into a lot of national chains, so I'm happy that it's out there where kids can get to it. They recently added Etc. (the b-sides, singles and out-takes compilation with Kiss the Bottle). So if you happen to live out in the boonies, or your indie store just bit the dust of the download revolution, and you still like having something in your hands to peruse, they carry our stuff. And while you're at the mall, why not visit Starbucks for a refreshing caffeinated beverage, and perhaps pick up a pair of pleated khaki slacks at the Gap? Ah, that's better...

Pfahler also mentioned that filmmakers Tim Irwin and Keith Schieron, best known for their amazing Minutemen documentary We Jam Econo, are halfway finished with the Jawbreaker documentary.

Jawbreaker front-man Blake Schwarzenbach also had some news, mentioning that he is at work on a new unnamed musical project. He said:

Musically, and I think maybe I can speak more clearly about this, I feel as though I am emerging from a kind of muted, reflective nuclear winter. It’s awkward to talk about one’s own music since that is what we ask the music to do; so I’ll say only that it meets my own inner-standard of truth. I believe in it enough to overcome my own fear of making it. Hopefully we’ll find a bassist (a woman, over 30, who rides a bike and can resolve any dictionary disputes that might arise between the drummer and myself) and come to a town near you.

Update: According to the Adam Pfahler, Unfun will be sold in participating record shops, not just Hot Topic. Says Pfahler, "Thanks for the article, but Unfun will be in wide release and NOT be exclusive to Hot Topic."

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