Jaunt The Garrison, Toronto ON, May 10

Jaunt The Garrison, Toronto ON, May 10
Photo: Jennifer Hyc
Sometime in the last half-decade, Muzak became an acceptable musical influence. Its one-time function as background music has been jettisoned, and a generation of bands picked up floating vibes and pushed them to the foreground (see: Mac DeMarco's entire discography).
Toronto's Jaunt certainly share that foundation, throwing light jazz and R&B and even some Beach Boys harmonies on top for good measure. On their recently released EP, Cue, it all gels into a pleasantly funky groove, but that cohesion was somewhat missing on this night.
Though their musicianship was obvious — just attempting this kind of thing takes a fair level of skill — they haven't quite become the live unit required to give their music the kind of heft it needs on stage. Nevertheless, the quintet's utter lack of pretence and amiable nature won over many in the crowd. Put these guys on the road for a few months and they'll be a totally different live band.

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