Jason Lytle Prepping New Solo LP for Summer Release

Jason Lytle Prepping New Solo LP for Summer Release
Ex-Grandaddy leader Jason Lytle hasn't delivered a solo set since his 2010 odds-and-sods collection Music Meant to Accompany the Art of Ron Cameron, but the California-born songwriter will return with a proper solo LP come summertime.

Speaking with Australian publication Rave Magazine [via This Is Fake DIY], Lytle explained that his next record will be called Department Of Disappearance and contain 11 new songs. If all goes according to plan, the record will drop in July or August, marking it the official studio follow-up to 2009's Yours Truly, The Commuter.

A tracklisting has yet to be revealed and it's unclear whether Anti- (who released Yours Truly, The Commuter) will again release the solo effort, but judging by some of Lytle's comments, he may save those decisions till the last minute just to keep things interesting.

"I tend to get really bored really quick," he said. "Over the years I've realized that one of my strengths is approaching things in a really fresh manner -- almost like a little kid would. Little kids play for a while, then they're over it, they're done, move onto something else. It's a lot more enjoyable for me to record like that. I think that's why it's taken me a couple of years to make this record.

"At this point, I'd rather have ten records that I enjoyed myself making, that nobody liked, than two records that everyone liked and I absolutely fucking hated making."