Jane's Party Tunnel Visions

Jane's Party Tunnel Visions
Tunnel Visions is a summer album. Its lyrics and dreamy guitar melodies reflect a kind of nostalgia for hot August afternoons, when the sun is high and the windows are rolled down.
While still just as fun as they were on Hot Noise, Jane's Party opt for a more polished and mature sound here. "Old Friends" immediately grabs its listeners with a contagious riff, and "San Francisco" makes for a great road trip tune, as the quartet conjure images of the open road and coastline with their singing.
With the help of producer Greg Keelor (of Blue Rodeo), the foursome's creativity is demonstrated throughout the album. Their single "Coming On Strong," (co-produced by the Darcys and featuring the backing vocals of Jim Cuddy) takes on a groovy, disco-ball-lit nightclub feel, while "Tunnels" shines with rich vocal harmonies, keys and subtle synth effects. "What I've Been Missing" introduces some grit and rock to the otherwise '60s pop-inspired LP. The party ends with the final track "Time Remembered," with mellow piano and a chorus of voices echoing, "We'll see each other again some day."
Jane's Party have come a long way since their garage-leaning debut in 2009. This band have charisma, and use flirty vocals and catchy hooks to create pop rock best enjoyed with a glass of spiked punch in hand. (Cadence Music Group)