Jane's Addiction Reportedly Recording New Studio Album

Jane's Addiction Reportedly Recording New Studio Album
When Jane's Addiction first called it quits in 1991, it looked as if the group would go down in history as alt-rock legends with an untarnished legacy. Since then, however, they've attempted to recapture their past greatness with several short-lived reunions, a live compilation (1997's Kettle Whistle) and a studio album (2003's Strays). Most recently, they recorded new versions of two old songs ("Chip Away" and "Whores") to help promote their 2009 joint tour with Nine Inch Nails. It's not too surprising, then, to learn that the band are currently writing new material, and have hinted that this may lead to a fourth studio album.

Singer Perry Farrell told Pulse of Radio [via Blabbermouth] that the band initially entered the studio last spring, but, "Things got kind of ugly. You know, it's one of those things where the headbutting really came out when we tried to write and people were like, 'Well, I don't like that...'"

Also, last week, Farrell wrote a Facebook message, revealing, "Monday we get together to write new music and craft a future."

However, whether or not this future includes bassist Eric Avery is uncertain; despite touring with the band last year, he has been absent from recent performances and group photos.

Whatever the result of the new sessions, anything would be a step up for guitarist Dave Navarro, whose recent endeavours have included hosting a talent-search reality show (Rock Star) and directing a porno flick (Broken, starring Sasha Grey).