Jandek Jandek on Corwood

After doing the film fest circuit, this brilliant documentary on the elusive and incomprehensible Texas musician finally sees a national release. With 36 albums on his Corwood label since 1978 and no live performances before this autumn, he is the ultimate outsider icon. Absent from the whole film, apart from a taped 1986 phone interview at the conclusion, it examines his bizarre career from the viewpoint of the critics, DJs and fans who obsess over him. Shot on digital video with a soundtrack taken from his albums, this serves as a great watch for both those who believe and those who never will. A commentary by director Chad Freidrichs and Producer Paul Fehler, album cover featurette, audio essays and interviews with critics, the entire Spin interview from 1986, album reviews and selections from his albums since the movies completion round out the extras.