Jamiroquai Dynamite

With Jamiroquai’s sixth studio album, it’s evident that there’s not much change afoot in Jay Kay’s camp since he last released a record four years ago. However, for what it’s worth the change that is present helps Dynamite to sound better than their last couple of records. While the disco is thankfully dialled down a little bit than on recent Jamiroquai releases, it’s still a tad over-represented, and those who have balked at the slick production sheen on Jamiroquai’s past music won’t find anything to change their minds here. Still, "Tallulah” and the excellent "Seven Sunny Days In June” are evidence that Jay Kay still has it and was the same person who recorded Emergency on Planet Earth way back when. But the apparent need to play musical genre chairs on nearly every track ultimately does this record in. (Sony BMG)