James Iha "Leah and Pearl" / "The Photo Lab"

James Iha 'Leah and Pearl' / 'The Photo Lab'
While only time will tell if James Iha's recent onstage reunion with Billy Corgan will lead to any new music from the Smashing Pumpkins co-founders, Iha will be showcasing some work this coming weekend through a James Franco-produced TV movie titled Mother, May I Sleep with Danger? The film premieres on the Lifetime network on June 18, but you can hear some of the score now.

First up is "Leah and Pearl," which Iha sets up with a goth-country swing of whammy bar-effected guitar lines, boot-swipe snares, and dramatic vocals from Claire Acey (Nightmare and the Cat). Switching things up significantly, "The Photo Lab" is a more brooding, industrial stretch of music, which may well lead up to something seriously spooky in the movie.

You can check out both tunes below, courtesy of The Playlist.

As previously reported, Mother, May I Sleep with Danger? is a remake of the 1996 film of the same name. The reboot is being executive produced by James Franco, who is also starring in the film. Other actors attached to the project include Tori Spelling, Leila George, Emily Meade and Nick Eversman.