Jake Nicoll

The Ship, St. John's NL, May 13

Photo: Vish Khanna

BY Vish KhannaPublished May 14, 2017

Local boy Jake Nicoll is an unassuming pop master who brought his wondrous songs to life with a solid quintet. There's a sly yet confessional quality to his work, as lyrics like "I'm sick of writing songs about other people" suggest, and there's a definite sophistication to his ragged singing and arrangements.
Nicoll takes his fun pretty seriously. For all the playfulness in his eyes as he tosses off lines about needing a friend, there's a raw edginess here too, which makes his performances that much more compelling. With more than a tinge of the Kinks and a bit of the Who too, Jake Nicoll and his band conjured something heavy, witty, and most certainly memorable.

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