Jack White Teases New Music with Clip of Bluesy Riffs

New solo album incoming?

Photo: David James Swanson

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jan 1, 2024

Jack White has rung in the new year by sharing a clip of new music, which many fans are interpreting as a teaser for an upcoming album.

This morning on Instagram, White posted a grainy blue image along with a 30-second clip of music. It begins with mellow, noodling blues licks before drums enter and the energy picks up with chunky rock riffs.

There's no caption, so it's impossible to say what, if anything, White is hinting at here — but he's changed his profile photo to the same grainy blue image, further suggesting he's entering a new promotional cycle. The comments on Instagram certainly suggest that most fans are interpreting it as a teaser for an album. Check out the clip below.

Last year, White's supergroup the Raconteurs seemingly reunited, leading to speculation that they were working on something new, but the blue image accompanying this new clip suggests that this is connected with White's solo work rather than the band; his solo work typically uses blue imagery, while the Raconteurs tend to favour a copper-coloured aesthetic.

White most recently released the albums Fear of the Dawn and Entering Heaven Alive in 2022.

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