J. Cole Releases 'Forest Hills Drive' Live Album

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Jan 29, 2016

After giving us a good look at his life through a mini-documentary series and an HBO special, rapper J. Cole is revealing what all happened onstage during a hometown concert last summer via the release of a live album. His Forest Hills Drive: Live from Fayetteville, NC went up for sale this week via Roc Nation/Columbia.

As you may gather from the title of the release, the 13-song set was captured last year during Cole's tour behind his 2014 Forest Hills Drive record. This particular concert was the tour closer, which took place August 29 at Fayetteville, NC's Crown Coliseum. The show had found Cole playing the bulk of his latest studio longplayer for the crowd.

Down below, you can catch a preview from the collection via a video of "Love Yourz," which had also been shown on HBO's Forest Hills Drive Concert Special earlier this month. There, you'll also find a full tracklisting for the live LP.

Forest Hills Drive: Live from Fayetteville, NC: 

1. Intro
2. January 28th
3. Wet Dreamz
4. 03' Adolescence
5. A Tale of Two Citiez
6. Fire Squad
7. St. Tropez
8. Intermission* (Includes "Lights Please," "In The Morning," and "Nobody's Perfect")
9. G.O.M.D.
10. No Role Modelz
11. Hello
12. Apparently
13. Love Yourz


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