Izzys The Izzys

If you’re jonesin’ for a contemporary take on classic rock, look no further than Maryland’s the Izzys. Guitarist and vocalist Mike Storey leads this power trio that claims to have stayed after class to fervently memorise the American songbook and counts Bill Monroe, Robert Johnson, and Rufus Thomas as influences. That said, even a brief listen to their self-titled record reveals a huge devotion to the big, British rock bands of the ’60s, who also took great pains to pay allegiance to the likes of Americans like Monroe, Johnson, and Thomas. The Izzys are a terribly proficient band who pull off an infectious homage to the late ’60s country-blues-rock styles of the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. The reverential tribute to both bands virtually follows a pattern on the top half of their new record. Songs like "Little Sally Water” and "Turning Round,” are pure Let It Bleed-era Stones, but by "Highway Blues,” Storey’s street-fighting yowl takes a different turn, evoking Led Zep’s Robert Plant to a tee. The latter’s influence pops up sporadically throughout the rest of the record, however the sound of the band playing together comes closer to resembling an extended jam session on "Gimme Shelter.” Though derivative, the Izzys effortlessly put their own stamp on rock’n’roll through well-crafted hooks and a keen confidence in the musical tradition they’re contributing to. (Kanine)