The Izzys / Easy Targets / Nature Move Faster Silver Dollar Room, Toronto ON January 22

It seems only fitting that a show at the 50-year-old Silver Dollar Room should span the history of rock music, and the bands on the bill make sure this gig doesn't disappoint. Nature Move Faster took the Pearl Jam/Soundgarden era, right down to the long-haired shirtless lead singer. His enthusiasm did a lot to endear you to them, if not helping the maturity of the band.

The Easy Targets were in the same vein, but straddled the whole of the '90s, with a heavy Sonic Youth influence and two singers representing the Strokes and Nirvana individually. This brought a bit of a dichotomy to their set, and made them sound like two different bands entirely depending on whether the indie singer or the slight, grungy and altogether more captivating vocalist comes to the fore.

Strangely, though, this mishmash of subgenres worked well for them, especially when layered over a guitar riff that could be straight out of a '60s Kinks song and served with a somewhat apathetic delivery.

Headliners the Izzys were instantly noticeable not for their sound but for their insanely tall lead singer. Despite his size, he seemed comfortable at the head of the stage but did admit to the crowd that he was a bit edgy, and needed a few lines of "Cocaine" from them to relax. A few lines of the song, that is, not a couple of rails. It's this song that revealed the band's similarity to the bluesy stylings of Cold War Kids, bringing the night's rock history tour right up to the current day.

None of that mattered to this crowd, though, who were taking a brief holiday from the cold in the warmth emitted by the band and their music, and ended the night showing their appreciation by making the small venue feel like a private party.