Islands Have Three New Albums on the Way, According to Nick Thorburn

The artist performed two new songs on 'The Best Show' podcast

Photo: Christian Faustus

BY Allie GregoryPublished Apr 1, 2020

Appearing on an episode of The Best Show, Islands frontman Nick Thorburn revealed that he has been working on three new records for the band while in quarantine.

Podcast host Tom Scharpling drove to Thorburn's home and handed him a microphone (sanitized and from gloved hands, of course) to complete the interview, which aired on Monday (March 30), wherein the singer shared that he has been working on new "thematically linked" Islands material for about a year.

"I have new stuff, but I just don't know if it'll ever come out in a proper way. I'm determined for it to come out in some capacity," Thorburn said of the new material. "I have three records conceptualized, and the first one just needs to be mixed. The second one I'll start on. And the third one is written but hasn't been recorded yet."

In addition to that news, the artist also performed two new songs for the pod, offering up solo acoustic renditions for the show, vocalizing in place of missing instruments. One of the tracks is titled "David Geffen's Jackson Pollock" while the other one didn't have a definitive name, but could be called "Snakes in a Basket."

As Thorburn noted in the interview, the records have no firm release date — but judging from his other statements, it seems like he's been quite busy in isolation and could have them ready for us soon. 

Listen to the full episode for free here, and skip ahead to 1-hour, 49-minute mark to hear the new tracks. 

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