Irresistible Force Fish Dances

This single-priced 45 minute CD features remixes of several tracks from Mixmaster Morris's great It's Tomorrow Already album from last year. Morris begins by further defining his latest chill 'n' breaks style with his remix of the Negativland-sampling track "Power," where jazzy snares meet echoey timbales over his classic spacious sounds. Morris has so much evocative power now, it's not even funny. The equally trippy "Nepalese Bliss" is given a smooth late night jazz makeover by emerging new-fusionist and Coldcut collaborator Jimpster. Also on the jazz tip is the F Comm label's hot producer Frederic Galliano, who treats the title track to a splash of gongs and shakers before settling into a bell-accented conga/bass groove. Plaid also remix "Fish Dances," placing their distinctive melodies in an old school electro-funk context. And Coldcut remixer Voda cuts up John Cage's audio diary over abstract breaks and sounds in their remix of "Playing Around With Sound." I'm sure they empathised with the great thinker's sampled statement that "I haven't meant to make things strange, I just want to hear something I haven't heard before." (Ninja Tune)