Iron Maiden "Speed of Light" (video)

Iron Maiden 'Speed of Light' (video)
Pixels was a nightmare, to say the least, but Iron Maiden are hoping to redeem old-school videogame nostalgia with a genre-jumping video for theirĀ The Book of Souls single, "Speed of Light."

The quick-paced cut wraps Bruce Dickinson's air siren wail and some crunchy guitarwork around a visual narrative starring the band's beloved undead mascot, Eddie. As you'll see, the guy, Killers axe and all, is accidentally sucked into the digital world, and is forced to fight his way through various gamer motifs. This includes a Donkey Kong-leaning climber where he apparently has to save Jessica Rabbit, and a Street Fighter-style button masher where he gets into a brawl with the devil himself.

The CGI video also tributes first-person shooters, and seemingly runs with a Mortal Kombat-inspired finale.

You can pick out the references below.

As previously reported, The Book of Souls opens in full September 4 through Parlophone Records/Sanctuary Copyrights/BMG.