Inventions "Springworlds" (video)

Inventions 'Springworlds' (video)
As previously reported, Explosions in the Sky member Mark T. Smith and Eluvium's Matthew Cooper are getting ready to release their Inventions project's sophomore set, Maze of Woods. Having already released the tranquil sounds of the set's "Springworlds," you can now get lost in the equally mesmerizing video.

Directed by Dan W. Jacobs, the video presents a squiggly stick figure trying to track down a fascinating, glowing object. The figure travels through various colourful landscapes, takes a snooze underneath some rising stars, and finds itself in the middle of a plains-changing flood. The end is seemingly quite sad, but passes itself off peacefully.

The video can be discovered down below, while Maze of Woods will be found in stores March 17 via Temporary Residence.