Into Eternity Dead Or Dreaming

The sophomore release from Regina, SK, metallers Into Eternity sees the band heading in a more progressive direction than on their self-titled debut. The band has improved immensely as both songwriters and performers, stepping it up a notch on the album and striking a perfect balance between their death/trash metal past and their new found progressive direction. Vocalist Tim Roth shines on the album; his distinctive vocal melodies are the first thing one notices about the album. Production wise, the new album is much more crisp and clear than on their self-financed debut; the drums hit you like a ton of bricks. Standout tracks include "Elysium Dream," which kicks off with a sweetly acoustic harmonised intro before breaking into a galloping twin-guitar whirlwind of riffs, and "Distant Pale," where bassist Scott Krall lays down an absolutely thunderous riff. I could go on an on about the virtues of this recording, but if you love metal with passion, power and monster playing, then this CD is for you. (DVS)