Into Eternity Dead or Dreaming

Beautifully chaotic, Dead or Dreaming is a roller-coaster ride moving through a whirlwind of ideas and contrasting styles. Seventies-era vocal harmonies burst through in choruses that pull you in just as the challenge of following one riff change after another taxes your attention to its limit. The album repeatedly builds towards a series of climaxes, offering only a short release before dragging you on to the next peak. Vocally, death metal balances with clear tones, and musically, progressive rock battles with speed. One misstep would dissolve this exhausting turmoil into be a complete mess, but Saskatchewan's Into Eternity is a finely tuned metal machine. Dead or Dreaming came out last year on Europe's DVS Records, but thanks to the band's deal with Century Media, both this album and their self-titled debut are making reappearances. If you haven't checked out Into Eternity before, don't miss this chance to hear new Canadian metal at its best. (Century Media)