Interpol's Paul Banks to Star in New Feature Film

Interpol's Paul Banks to Star in New Feature Film
While Interpol prepare to reissue Turn on the Bright Lights, frontman Paul Banks has been busy with his own projects. He recently dropped the solo disc Banks, and now he's taken on the lead role in a feature-length movie.

The flick is called Mine to Kill, and it was co-written by Jeff Kinkle and James Kendi. As Gigwise notes, it was a finalist in the Sundance Institute's Screenwriters Lab in 2011.

The film's synopsis is as follows: "Geoffrey Kendle is a creative director at a hip advertising agency in Manhattan. While his life is extraordinarily pleasant, a palpable sense of ennui persists. Knowing he will never die of starvation, Geoffrey is preoccupied he will one day die of boredom. Then while driving through a desolate patch of Upstate New York very late on a warm August night, he happens upon a woman in distress on the side of the road. The encounter sets in motion a series of events that gives him the impetus to leave his perfect life."

Watch a trailer for Mine to Kill below. The minute-and-a-half-long clip offers a tense taste of a film that looks to be full of intrigue and murder. Director Kendi is reportedly looking for funding and intends to begin filming in earnest next year.

The movie promises to have no shortage of musical talent, since Ratatat's Mike Strout is reportedly on board to write the film's score. Also, the film credits note that it will feature the track "Execution" by UK electronic visionary Andy Stott.

Learn more over at the film's official website.