The Internet's Matt Martians Confirms Odd Future Have "Shed That Name"

The Internet's Matt Martians Confirms Odd Future Have 'Shed That Name'
The California hip-hop collective once known as Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All continue to confuse us as to whether or not they even exist anymore. Earlier this year, ringleader Tyler, the Creator tweeted that the group were "no more" before back-pedalling on the statement. Then Earl Sweatshirt added that Tyler had just been "solidifying the obvious." 

Now Matt Martians of Odd Future-affiliated soul group the Internet has offered up his thoughts on the Odd Future dilemma. He shared the following statement in an interview with AllHipHop:

It needed to be said, because I think it's important for our progress, and other people in Odd Future's progress, to shed that name. It's a badge. It's a great thing. Everything has to move on. Everything has to have closure. I think what rose from that is what really matters. A lot of great careers spawned from that, and a lot of great careers will continue to spawn from that.

Clarifying further, Martians also explained, "Basically, what he meant is that we don't hang out every day. That's literally what he means. If Earl saw Tyler today, they would give each other the biggest hug."

Read the previous tweets about Odd Future below.