The (International) Noise Conspiracy Bigger Cages, Longer Chains

With the obvious exception of the title track of this EP, which comes from their last studio full-length, this is a great mixed-media collection of delicious tidbits. Three outtakes from the A New Morning, Changing Weather sessions and two new recordings, including a soothing and seething cover of N.E.R.D.'s "Baby Doll," are featured along with four (I)NC videos and a rant from MIT lecturer and noted U.S. foreign policy critic Noam Chomsky (who has his own DVD coming out later this year). In the finest tradition of punk bands who keep their egos in check and their integrity in tact, these conspirators use their art to advance a cause they are fiercely dedicated to; it's like a Michael Moore you can dance to. Those familiar with and/or are fans of the politically-charged rump-shaking retro garage rock of Sweden's most underrated and overlooked band will surely delight in this collection that owes as much to the Troggs as it does Trotsky. And for those wondering what the Strokes might sound like if they spent less time worrying about scouring thrift shops for their outfits and more time concerned about the state of world affairs, this is for you. (Burning Heart)