Indian Jewelry Totaled

Although the band wouldn't exactly be thrilled, Indian Jewelry have crafted a sound that could perfectly be described as a mixture of the three hottest genres in indie rock; chillwave, freak folk and shit gaze. Much like the broken down Porche that adorns the cover of the band's third full-length Totaled, the Houston sextet's songs sound mighty slick on the surface before a pop of the hood reveals mysterious creaks and cracks. Tracks like "Look Alive" and "Lapis Lazuli" update Sonic Youth's early no wave drudge, allowing their off-kilter rhythms to come off as catchy and chirpy. "Vison" and "Tono Bungay" remain charismatic despite the band's best efforts otherwise, as Tex Kerschen's guitar sputters along, delivering a barely there performance. "Never Been Better" and "Touching the Roof of the Sun" play liberally with control and pitch before album closer "Dog Days" incorporates many of the album's ideas and modes into one song, perfectly demonstrating the band's M.O. (We Are Free)