Indian Jewelry Invasive Exotics

At the core, Indian Jewelry (formerly known as Swarm of Angels, NTX + Electric, and Tourqouis Diamonds among others) are Erika Thrasher, Tex Kerschen and Rodney Rodriguez, but the trio have a habit of shape-shifting. Invasive Exotics comes with a long list of band members including, Brandon Davis, Andrew Scott and Ariel Pink. Inviting fellow musicians on to the stage and into the studio allows them to alter their sound and context depending on their location; originating in Texas, they’ve spent a good deal of time in L.A. and it shows. "Powwow” is all droned-out guitars and dirty vocals, "Come Closer” has a spacey quality and distended vocals that illustrate the band’s range; even within their rather narrow field of vision. The closing track, "Lost My Sight,” is a driving synth beat that is total dance punk and psyched-out vocals. The cherry on the cake, however, is the short but sweet "Partying with Jandek,” an homage to their fellow, creepy, enigmatic Texan. (Monitor)