Indian Jewelry Invasive Exotics

There are three people at the core of this Texan trip-out unit, but in concert Indian Jewelry gather any given number of musicians around them to join in the chant of their tribal drone rock excursions. Evoking spiritually moving and unsettling rhythmic tensions like snake charmers twirling enticing vibrations, Indian Jewelry sway listeners’ hips as much as they move minds asunder, employing drum machines and synth loops alongside their walls of drones and percussion and vocal dissonance. Invasive Exotics, the band’s long-awaited proper debut finds them eschewing their more expansive past experiments for slightly more concise and song-based movements, making it a record that could cross into a variety of streams that will appeal to fans of dirty electro, post-punk, psych rock, and even early industrial intensity (check the Throbbing Gristle-riding standout "Going South”). This debut has the dirt and sweat to make getting with it a heavily worthwhile and deeply fulfilling experience; its dynamic tension pulsates and thrusts with its own mechanical wisdom, keeping its moves simple and direct but hitting hard and heavy enough at just the right times to make it a memorable affair. (Monitor)